Why You Need A Weight Loss Plan

— Posted in Healthy Eating

If you are to successfully lose weight you need to be determined to succeed and a good way to start is to produce a weight loss plan.
The plan should cover ways in which you will change your lifestyle to attain your goal and should include regular milestones against which to check progress. It is important that you set targets that you can achieve in a reasonable time, as meeting these will help you stay motivated.

Things you should consider include:

Target Weight – this of course is the key part of your plan and must be realistic. At the outset attempting any significant weight loss is quite daunting so they key is to set regular small targets which you can practically meet. If you regularly meet these milestones you will feel good about yourself and the fact that the end result is still some way off will not matter.

Healthy Eating – the best ways to lose weight involve eating healthily rather than going on some fad diet which is very restrictive and only sustainable in the short term. The key point to note is that you do not have to go hungry to lose weight.

A healthy weight loss will involve learning which foods are healthy and which are bad for you and making the necessary changes to your diet. You do not need to attempt a “big bang” approach to this and try to eliminate lots of foods you really enjoy. The trick is to have such foods as treats rather than eating them everyday.

You also need to accept that these changes to your diet need to be permanent as there is no point in going through this exercise then reverting to your old ways, as this will result in the weight returning as well.

Healthy Drinking – when losing weight it is important to drink plenty of water. You need to replace calorie laden drinks with water and you will also find that drinking water will suppress any feelings of hunger.

At the same time you need to minimize consumption of alcohol. Apart from the fact that alcoholic drinks are high in calories, drinking alcohol tends to make you hungry for foods that are bad for you and, in addition, food eaten whilst drinking is likely to be stored as fat because of alcohol’s effect on the liver.

Control Conditioned Responses – many times we eat not because we are hungry but because that is what we do in a particular situation or whilst undertaking an activity. These responses are hard to break so it is best to try and avoid these situations and activities. If this is not possible many people have found weight loss hypnosis to be beneficial.

Exercise – whilst using exercises to lose weight alone is unlikely to work, exercise should form a part of any weight loss plan. This should include incorporating more exercise into your daily routine as well as visiting a gym or taking part in a sport you like.

If you can come up with a weight loss plan that suits you and is achievable then you are far more likely to succeed and feel happy and motivated whilst losing weight.