Why You Might Want To Install A Pool Heater?

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Given present environmental concerns you might wonder if buying a pool heater is a smart move. People may see it as unfriendly to the environment and a waste of energy, not to mention very costly.

Whilst these arguments are worth considering, if you already have a pool, a pool heater will help you make the most of your investment by increasing the hours it can be used each day and lengthening the swimming season.

A pool can have significant health benefits and it should be remembered that swimming is an excellent form of exercise especially for anyone who cannot undertake more strenuous forms of exercise.  Heating a pool also makes it usable by young children and the elderly for whom cold water is not acceptable.

To minimize energy usage (and hence cost) there are a number of steps you can take:

Get The Right Type of Heater – This is the most important decision you need to make. Currently pool heaters powered by gas are the best selling type (such as the Hayward H250 suitable for in ground pools or the Hayward H100 appropriate if you have an  above ground pool) but they can be costly to run, especially if you are forced to use propane. The best option from an energy and running cost point of view is an electric heat pump. Normal heaters can never be more than 100% efficient (gas heaters are about 80-90%) but heat pumps (such as Hayward Heat Pumps) can be several hundred percent efficient (i.e. you get several times more energy out than you put in). This is because they are not actually generating heat they are moving it from one place (the surrounding air) to another (the pool water). Heat pumps are designed to run for long periods as they are not as powerful as gas heaters but, despite this, they still cost much less to run.

Water Temperature – You want the water to be comfortable but don’t heat it any more than necessary. 78 degrees is often recommended.

Use A Pool Cover – This will have a major effect on your energy use as a pool cover can give a fifty percent reduction in heat losses. The key function of a pool cover is to stop evaporation as this causes significant cooling. Using a pool cover will also help reduce the amount of chemicals you need to use.

Shelter the pool from wind – Wind can cause significant cooling so a pool should be sheltered as far as possible.

Properly maintain the pool – Keep the pool and all its equipment in top condition.

Following the above points should mean that buying and installing a pool heater will be very worthwhile investment.