Why You May Never Lose Weight

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Cases abound of people trying to lose weight at different times without success. When I say, you may never lose weight, I mean exactly that. We live in a fast world where everything is expected to be fast, you need 1 million today, you want to get it in the next 1 hour, you need a girlfriend, you want her in the next 2 hours. This is a fast world and people want it quick, the development of remote controlling was born out of our laziness and a need to get it fast. Everybody is in one kind of race or the other, it is scary.

While this fast-paced world has produced tremendous inventions that has made us refine our world and made it a better place to live in, we all have to consider the negative effect this has resulted in. I mean, people want to lose 40 pounds in 3 days,they want to shed weight that was accumulated over several years in hours. That is ridiculous and anybody that promises you that kind of result, is setting you up to fail and become miserable or perhaps interested in your money. Success does not come cheaply, you have to work for it. Before I start sounding like your Dad, I will like to point out a few issues you have to  consider, if you are really serious about losing some weight but do not forget that experts have recommended losing just 1 to 2 pounds per week at the most if you want to lose it and keep it off.

Persistence and Discipline
If you expect to be pampered and read all that stuff you have been reading for years then this writeup is not for you. Why have you not lost the amount of weight you wanted, you have read several books, used many supplements and you have prayed and fasted. Do not waste your time and do not cause yourself harm, all these will never help you if you are  lacking persistence and dedication. To lose weight you have erase lazy attitudes from your memory. You have to be disciplined. Discipline goes like this:

I need to lose 16 pounds in 2 months, how do I go about it
1.Cut down on fatty foods by 50%
2.Exercise for 1 hour everyday
3.Drink plenty of water everyday

These will all happen at a particular time everyday and I will stick with it.

Someone that is not disciplined will go through this routine for 3 days before missing out on vital parts of the plan, such persons can not be successful with their weight loss program. If you are like this, you do not need to wonder why everything you have tried is not working, why you have to stay up late on the internet looking for the next available magic formula to lose weight. The fact is most of these things work only if you stick with it – period.

Unhealthy Internal Dialogue
Why do you always do that? You can not continue saying things like that and expect to lose any weight. How can you say things like:

  • I am fat because I like food
  • You know me, if I don’t have cheese burger in a day I will literally die
  • I like the way I am, I do not want to slim down (then why are you reading this?)

You have got to stop all this to lose the weight you want. Do you know the internal suggestions that has enabled non overweight people to master their body structure and maintain a healthy stature? They have it everyday and are happy about it, they go like this:

  • I love to eat less fatty food, that way I can sleep well at night
  • Exercise is fun to me, I look forward to it everyday
  • I like it when I eat modest food, it puts me in control of my life

Take a cue from these and begin your transformation quickly.
STOP EMOTIONAL EATING – eating whenever you want and wherever as long as you feel like it. You can not lose weight and live healthy that way. This a psychological issue that you have to address to move forward. This writeup is intended to push you out of your slumber to take action now and it was especially written for you.