The Paleo Diet – Will It Help You Shed Pounds?

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Do you want to shed pounds? That’s perfectly understandable. There’s hardly anyone on the planet who wouldn’t want to shed even just a few pounds. What matters is how you actually go about getting rid of your excess weight. A healthy diet and regular exercise are the things that will help you experience true weight loss and make sure the pounds stay off. However, what specific changes should you make in your diet? Which among the different diets do you have to follow? The Paleo Diet is one of the diets that you can try.

The diet is patterned after the diet early humans supposedly ate back in the Paleolithic era. Of course, its historical accuracy is very much open for debate. Should you give the Paleo diet a try? Here is some information that can help you make the decision.

When you are on the Paleo diet, you will not be consuming refined sugar. Natural sugar from the fruits and veggies you eat is fine, but refined sugar used for sweetening purposes is not. This is because refined sugar causes energy surges and crashes. As a result, it’s hard to stay on a normal energy level.

Moreover, it doesn’t do your health any good. Not only does refined sugar eat through your teeth’s enamel, it causes widespread damage in your body. So when you get on the Paleo diet, be prepared to not eat any refined sugars regardless of your weight loss goals.

Are you a meat eater? The you’ll like this diet because it wants you to get your protein from animals, specifically meat. Sure it says you should only eat natural and grass fed and, preferably wild, animal based protein but it doesn’t force you to cut out meat entirely. You’re also only supposed to eat lean meat. This will help you greatly reduce your consumption of foods that are high in cholesterol, calories, and unhealthy fats. It is one of the healthiest ways to eat meat and doesn’t involve that drastic of a lifestyle change so it’s easy to stick to and follow. You probably already know that many people fail to stick to a diet that has them altering their lifestyle drastically.

In the Paleo diet, you’ll be encouraged to drink lots of water. Many other diets advocate the consumption of things like electrolyte infused drinks and diet beverages but the truth is that these things are not always good for people who want to lose weight in a healthy way. Because the Paleo diet is built upon the supposed diets of Paleolithic people, these drinks do not factor in. Instead, it was just water that early humans consumed. Water, by the way, is the healthiest beverage you can drink.

Water hydrates the body, has zero calories, and is all-natural.

Is the Paleo diet worth trying out? It’s really up to you. Remember that it can be a restrictive diet, but it does have a number of healthy things about it. Talk to your doctor to figure out whether or not it is a viable weight loss plan for you. You’ll find different opinions on the Paleo diet, but ultimately, the opinion of your doctor is the only one that really matters.