The Benefits Of The Paleo Diet

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The Paleo Diet has a history of more than  10000 years when it was the diet of human in the Paleolithic age. It has been proved to have far reaching benefits. Recognizing these benefits has helped today’s human beings understand the ‘secret’ of healthy living and eating. In order to be able to follow this diet in the best possible manner, it is important to know how it works and the benefits it can deliver.

It is actually simple logic. If you were to browse through everything that constituted this diet, you would understand immediately. This diet was the habitual eating pattern of the cavemen. This, as mentioned before, was the Paleolithic period. The human beings during this age lived on hunted meat and fish and the fruits, berries, veggies and nuts picked from trees. Whatever the nature provided, would be on their plate for the day. It was only at the end of this period when man learnt about farming. Thus, the cavemen we are talking about did not have crops grown in fields. Also, since animal rearing was not practiced at that time, men lived without dairy products like cheese, butter, cream, etc.

Having read the above lines you can observe the pattern. Firstly, man at that time was strictly consuming all natural foods. Processed food, which is a terrible hazard these days was unknown then. Secondly, all the nutritional elements like vitamins, fats, oils, proteins, fibers, minerals and so on were being consumed regularly owing to the natural food. Thirdly, eating whatever was available resulted in eating all seasonal food, which is extremely good for health. Also, artificial ripening was never required.

Apart from these facts, two very important factors can be noted. One is that since farming was unknown, consumption of crops like wheat, rice and so on was not in the diet. This actually saved people from a lot of health problems which can occur due to crop consumption. Crops like rice, wheat, barley, corn, oats are responsible for many a hazards. Secondly, these cavemen were not having any access to dairy products, which today are so much a part of our diet. Thus, the Paleo diet focuses on being away from foods which harm us and concentrating on natural foods which are good. A very interesting fact is that genetically, we are similar to the ancestral cavemen. So, it is clear that their healthy diet will benefit us too.

Now, having understood how this diet is going to work for you, let us look at its benefits. Being, fat-dairy-preservative-free the Paleo diet does amazing wonders for your health. It increases the proportion of all nutrients in our body and keeps them balanced over a long period of time. It provides every element in a virgin form, which is easy for digestion and gives more benefits than processed or preserved foods. It is a great solution for weight loss. Being low on harmful oils, fats and excessive carbohydrates, the Paleo diet helps you be slim, strong and fit. It keeps most of the diseases at bay. This includes obesity, heart problems, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, chronic acne and many more. Also, since the diet includes all the fresh veggies and fruits, it never lets our energy levels go down.

Such a diet, which has all positives about it, indeed needs to be practiced in today’s world. It is the only safe, easy and nutritious way we can live a fitter, healthier and long life and enjoy it too!