Snoring Cures – What Is Available?

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There are lots of snoring cures on the market that claim to provide a solution for people who are desperate to work out how to stop snoring. Some are more effective than others but there is no one solution that works for everyone. The aim of this article is to look at the types of snoring cures that you can buy.
Virtually all snoring cures products aim to keep the breathing passage clear of obstruction.  However it is worth pointing out first that you might be treating the symptoms rather than the underlying problem. For example stopping smoking and losing weight might be the best and most effective snoring cures.
Snorers are often advised to lose weight to avoid fat from pressing on the throat and to stop smoking because smoking weakens and clogs the throat.

Non Intrusive Aids
These are solutions that do not require the user to wear anything and have little effect on day to day life. These include:

  • Special pillows and other devices designed to help you achieve the best sleeping posture during the night.
  • Nasal Sprays/Strips to keep your nose clear.
  • Oral Sprays to keep your airways open.
  • Exercises to increase the muscle tone of the upper airway
  • Even Hypnosis is reported to have helped some people.

External Devices
These are aids worn outside the body with the aim of keeping your mouth shut and your airways open. These include Chin Straps, Jaw Straps and various strips and tapes.

Oral Devices
These are devices that are worn in the mouth and as such safety becomes an issue. They should be properly tested and used under the supervision of a physician or dentist.

There are various snoring mouthpieces which control the position of the jaw with a view to keeping the airways open. Some users experience side effects such as excess salivation. In the US such products can only be sold with a prescription.

You can also use a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine which delivers a constant air pressure through a mask, again with the intention of keeping the airways open.

If all else fails surgery is an option and there are various possible procedures. However, even here there is no guarantee of success and there is the risk of side effects. In extreme cases it can make the situation worse.

Which to choose
Ideally you want to find the least intrusive of the snoring cures that works for you. This will involve trying out several of the types mentioned above (in many cases you can take advantage of money back guarantees). If you are desperate for immediate results you might consider trying a snoring mouthpiece as these seem to help most users.