Pros and Cons of a Pool Heater

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If you are a pool owner and enjoy the healthy exercise that is swimming you might be considering adding a pool heater so that you can extend the season that you pool is usable.

A heated pool can feel like the height of luxury. There is no bracing cold for your body to get used to,  just warm and comfortable water. There are several different kinds of pool heaters you can use: gas, electric, and solar (see pool heater reviews). The kind you choose will depend on things like your budget, climate and preference.

So what are the pros and cons of a pool heater.

Maximise the investment is your pool
Do you shut down your pool when Labor Day rolls around? Well, this isn’t necessary to if you have a pool heater. With a pool heater, your pool is usable in comfort into the fall and even winter. A swimming pool can be a big investment. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your investment even longer and get all your money’s worth out of it.

Swim in greater comfort
Do your guests balk at diving into an ice-cold pool? Everyone will be more apt to ease into a warm one. Heating your pool makes it more comfortable (particularly for the elderly and very young) and makes it more likely that your guests have fun and return in the future.

Cost of pool heating can be high
Whilst solar heating may be ok in summer it you want to extend the season, or use your pool year round, you will need a gas or electric heater. Modern natural gas heaters are very efficient and can heat a pool quickly at a reasonable cost but propane versions are expensive to run. Electric heat pumps are generally the cheapest to run but their efficiency declines in cold temperatures. Depending on where you live you will need to do your sums and decide how long it is worthwhile using a heater to extend your swimming season.

Pool heater maintenance
As well as the cost of heating your pool you have to consider the additional costs of maintaining it over a longer period. It’s pretty cheap to care for your pool while it’s unoccupied and covered with a tarp. Extending the season means additional cleaning and maintenance costs.

Carefully weigh the benefits of having a heated pool against the costs before you buy one. Are you willing to spend extra time and money to extend your swimming season? Think carefully before you do – don’t just go diving off the deep end!