How To Stop Smoking – The Best Options

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Many smokers would like to quit and you might be looking for information on how to stop smoking having made unsuccessful attempts in the past.
This is not unusual as quitting smoking requires determination and you need to really make a very firm decision to do so. It may help to write down why you to want to quit, to remind you when the going gets tough.
The problem is that smoking is both a physical and psychological addiction and beating the physical addition is the easy part (relatively).  People smoke because:

  • It provides relaxation and pleasure.
  • They have a sub conscious association between an activity or environment and smoking.
  • They have an addition to nicotine.

Rather than stopping smoking you might consider switching to an electronic cigarette. These are not sold as stop smoking aids but they do make smoking cheaper, cleaner and harmless to others. You can also choose how much, if any, nicotine they supply.

Some of the common ways to stop smoking are:

Cold Turkey
This is the simplest and cheapest method but not the most successful. You simply decide that from a given date you will stop smoking. The first few weeks are very tough and you need to be very determined to succeed. The success rate is estimated to be between 5% and 10%.

Nicotine Recigarette-lit-smallplacement
This involves replacing the dose from cigarettes with other sources such as nicotine gum or a patch. They deliver a controlled dose into the body to relieve some of the withdrawal symptoms. There is a lot of variation in the claimed success rates but for this therapy used on its own they vary from 7% to 35%.

Stop Smoking Medication
Medications (such as Zyban) help relieve withdrawal symptoms without the use of nicotine but are intended for short-term use only. There are also homeopathic remedies (such as Smoke Deter) which have the same purpose.

Various Therapies
Behavioral Therapy (which teaches how to break old habits associated with smoking) and Motivational Therapy (to help you motivate yourself to quit smoking) both help considerably. Indeed help and support in the form of counseling or stop smoking programs should an integral part of any attempt to quit smoking.

When considering how to stop smoking, hypnosis should be taken seriously as it has success rates of up to 50%. Quit smoking hypnosis aims to focus on programming the unconscious mind to substitute other behaviors to provide relaxation and pleasure, in place of the smoking addiction. It can also be used to remove conditioned responses so the smoker loses the urge to smoke when in the environments that used to trigger it. Hypnosis will not work for everyone, but it is well worth trying.

Trying to stop smoking on your own is very difficult and likely to fail. Some sort of support is essential and it may be that taking something to help with the nicotine withdrawal, combined with hypnosis or behavioral therapy to address the physiological addiction, is the best solution to how to stop smoking.