How to Stay Healthy With Natural Health Options

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You already know that the best way to fight off a cold is to get plenty of rest and fluids. Your immune system also requires a good amount of Vitamin C is also a good idea. Knowing those things is one thing but putting it into practice is quite another, especially when all you really want is relief from your cold symptoms.

Wanting to simply get relief from immediate symptoms is why over the counter medications are so popular. They offer quick relief from cold and flu symptoms. Taking these medicines seems like a good idea but they do eventually wear off and, often, your cold will last longer because, instead of working through the symptoms, the medication just puts them on hold for a little while. This is why opting for natural health cures is a good idea-these are all items that your body really needs and that can help it stay healthy!

Water is the best. You already know that you need to drink six to eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy but water can be used for more than simple refreshment. Instead of cracking open the Advil bottle when you have a headache, drink some water instead! Dehydration is often the cause of headaches. Drinking a glass of water can help that headache start to wane in a matter of minutes. You can use water for more than keeping yourself properly hydrated. Sitting in a hot bath can help relieve some of the symptoms of a cold or flu and is great for helping someone to break a fever. Hot baths are great for relaxing the muscles as well as helping you sweat your fever out. You want to sweat when you have a fever because it is how your fever will be brought down by your body.

Do you know that there is a proper and an improper way to clear your sinuses? It is likely that your cold or flu could hang on for a while or that you could suffer a relapse if you do not blow your nose correctly. Here is how to properly blow your nose: close one nostril and gently blow through the other one. Be careful not to blow your nose to hard! Blowing too hard could cause damage to the tissues inside your nose. You might accidentally cause earaches. It doesn’t take long to get used to blowing your nose, even if you hate doing it now. If you only sniff the sinus discharge back into your nose you will only succeed in keeping yourself sick. Washing your hands after you blow your nose is a must!

Echinacea is a very popular supplement for people who want to keep the colds from advancing too far. The trick to ensuring the success of Echinacea it’s important that you take the supplement as soon as you begin to feel sick. Some people insist that, when taken early on, Echinacea can stop a cold or the flu in its tracks. Echinacea can even help you when you’re already well into your cold by making your symptoms weaker and speeding up your healing process. Getting better only takes about 1200 mgs a day for a few days. To get the right dosage (taking all 1200 mgs will make you sick) take 400mg supplements three times per day.

Strengthening your immune system through natural health practices is one of the best ways to keep from getting sick at all. If you know how to treat your symptoms the right way you can help yourself get better faster and keep yourself from relapse. Natural cures are almost always better for you than chemical cures which is why your body responds better to natural methods of treating illness.