Don’t Forget Your Mental Work Out

— Posted in General Health Issues

Many of us have some work out program or we hit the gym with some plan in mind – some cardio, exercises for strength, possibly some Yoga etc. The aim is to get our body in shape, tone those muscles, increase endurance and basically stay healthy. We may also look into healthy eating and how to generally lead a healthy lifestyle. In doing this is is perhaps easy to overlook the most important part of our body – our brains! These also need a work out plan if we are to lead a long and healthy life.

If you think about doctors, nurses, lawyers etc. they have something in common. They all have volatile jobs where continuous knowledge and skill up gradation is a necessity. This means that their brains and minds have to be sharp and alert. They need to work on this to make them sharper so that knowledge absorption is better. This is not relevant to professionals only. Every one of us is in a competitive world – to be up to date with your job or kids or spouse is hectic, demanding and mentally challenging. Your brains cannot afford to be neglected. They need to be exercised on a regular basis.

To maintain our mental fitness we all need a daily “brain work out” just as we need a  physical work out to maintain our physical fitness! Here are a few ideas to help:

  • Attend a seminar or enrol for a course – attend an educational seminar once a year at least. You will get to meet many people, listen to a wide range of views, interact with many learned speakers etc. this will in turn make you connected to the latest in the industry, in the world, in life!
  • Listening – listen to CD`s, recordings etc to gather knowledge. If you strain to listen, your brains will be strained too. This is a great work out to stay alert. Listen and gather information as much as possible. It will do wonders to your brain and mind
  • Solve jigsaw – make it a point to solve a jigsaw puzzle once a week at least. It will train your mind to think harder and stay sharp. Retention will also increase
  • Reading – reading is an excellent habit and a great exercise to keep you sharp and knowledgeable. Spend at least an hour every day to read a variety of books. They are a great source of knowledge. Skills, art and knowledge can be upgraded with reading books.