Discount Eyeglasses Online

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If you are looking for discount eyeglasses (we hesitate to say cheap eyeglasses because the quality is the same) then you need to be looking online. Buying discount eyeglasses online does have some drawbacks but these are more than made up for by the savings you can make.

The first step in buying discount eyeglasses online is to choose your frames. Online stores usually have a large selection but you need to be sure that they will fit. The best way to do this is to select something similar to your existing frames.

Once you have selected your frames you need to decide on:

Lens Type – In ascending cost this can be:

  • Single Vision – either for general use, reading or even just plain (no prescription) if the glasses are to be worn for fashion purposes.
  • Bi-Focal – which have areas for reading and distances.
  • Progressive – which progress between the reading and distance prescription. Most people prefer progressive over bi-focals, not least because they look better, but they do make your discount eyeglasses more expensive.

Lens Thickness

  • These days the most common material is a high tech plastic which is lighter than glass and harder to break.
  • Polycarbonate options in particular are impact-resistant and are a good choice for people who participate in sport or work in a situation where their eyeglasses may be scratched or broken.
  • High index options are designed to accommodate strong prescriptions avoiding the old thick lenses but they do cost more.

Lens Coatings

  • Anti-reflective coating – reduces reflections such as halos around lights and makes night driving easier. It also has a cosmetic benefit in that other people can see your eyes more clearly.
  • Scratch-resistant coating – makes a lens more durable (but not scratch proof). Some, such as those made of polycarbonate, have this built in.
  • UV coating – normal plastic lenses block much UV light but this coating will give 100% protection. Worth having it you will be wearing your glasses outside (without sunglasses). The more expensive lens types usually have this protection built in.

Lens Tints

If you are ordering prescription sunglasses you will need to select the tint color. This is a matter of personal preference.

Photochromic (Transition) Options
Photochromic lenses are almost clear indoors but darken automatically outdoors where they provide full UV protection. As such they are very convenient and avoid the need for prescription sunglasses in most conditions. Be aware however that they may not work in a car.

Once you have chosen your frames and decided what sort of lenses you want, then ordering on-line is quick and easy.